Retail Packaging

Marche International provides high quality, in-house packaging solutions that provide a targeted marketing message. Marche creates the graphics and general packaging designs in our U.S. office while in close communication with the client. After the general design is complete, our ShenZhen office finishes the engineering, creates prototypes, and provides testing data.

Marche International Packaging Services

  • Packaging Goal Documentation
  • Concept Design
  • Prototype Engineering
  • Testing Qualification
  • Shipping / Container Load Estimations
  • Instruction Manual Design
  • SKU Setup
  • Master Carton Design

Packaging Design Considerations

There are many things to consider when designing retail packaging. Below are a few of our key considerations:

Design for Retail

Retail packaging design requires an understanding of how to influence the target customer.  A retail packaging design must grab the potential customers attention and drive them to action or purchase.
Meeting retailer requirements is another challenge that must be met.  It is possible that multiple packaging designs are required to meet contrasting retailer requirements.  However, if each retailer is selling high volumes, then it’s a good problem to have.

Green Design

Customers are increasingly environmentally aware during purchases.  If your packaging shows that your company is acting in an environmentally responsible way, the consumer will be more likely to trust your brand.
The easiest way to make packaging more ‘green’ is to use less material, but doing so doesn’t always project a sense of responsibility.  It’s important to communicate with type and graphics that your packaging (and possibly the product) are made from recycled material and responsible processes.

Design for Size

Designing a smaller package saves cost in two ways.  First, it simply cuts down cost from using less material.  Second, it saves money on shipping from the manufacturer to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the retailer.  

Design Instructions / Manuals for Usability

Instructions on the box should give the user a basic understanding of what the product does.  An internal instruction booklet or manual will give the user detailed step by step instructions.  Designing the instructions is a process which should include user testing.  It may take many design iterations before they are clear and useful for your audience.

Design for Online Sales

Attractive graphics for online sales is usually only necessary on the website.  Therefore, the packaging can be fairly simple and inexpensive.  The main focus for online packaging is durability, with the addition of simple and clear branding.