About Us

Our key to success is undoubtedly the constant connectivity between our China and U.S. offices which connect on a daily basis.

About The Company

The Marche International team is comprised of more than 20 engineers, designers, business managers, outsourcing specialists, and quality assurance specialists divided between our ShenZhen, China and Lawrence, Kansas offices.  This group, diverse in both nationality and skill sets,  is able to develop and source consumer products that are feasible, desirable, and cost effective. The only thing we love more than making products is making businesses grow.

Our Network

While our in-house team focuses on design, engineering, and contract manufacturing, our network of investors, marketing representatives, and manufacturers give us the opportunity to truly assist our clients from their initial idea, into the market place, and into long term business success.

Our complimentary connections in Southern China and the Midwest each offer unique opportunities:

  • China – Our china office manages relationships with over 100 manufactures specializing in plastic injection molding, metals, assembly,  and packaging.  We also manage freight shipping, air shipping, product testing, certification, and outsourcing of existing products.
  • Midwest – In the U.S. we are often able to connect our clients with investors who are able to provide capital for product development, inventory, and marketing capital.  We  manage  multiple marketing representative groups, each with the ability to reach almost any retailer from PetSmart to Walmart as well as online and catalog retailers. We also manage patent attorneys in a unique and cost effective manner by doing much of the patent leg work (such as patent drawings) in our office at a much lower rate.